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I tried downloading and installing the game, but unfortunately I can't start it, I only get the title screen and nothing happens when I try to press any of the buttons or keys. :(


If you are getting the title screen then I guess stuff has been installed and it can run.

The game is set up for windows, but you can use it with other operative systems-  if you have python and pygame installed (not necessary with windows).

Do you get music? If not that could indicate that something is broke.

This game only takes keyboard input. So you should not use the mouse at all.  (it can still be used on the x-button to close the game)

So you should use the "n" key for a new game.

One thing I could think of is if the game has lost focus. Then the key input would not work. To get focus back you can mouse click anywhere on the title screen.

I hope any of that works for you.

Thank you, I didn't understand that you were supposed to push the "N" key to start a new game, I think some instructions for the menu might be nice to include in the game, but otherwise I was able to play the whole game without much trouble and I will say it's a nice adventure game, good job!



Glad you got it to work.

Sorry about the confusion.


No problem, and I'm sure it could be easily included in the readme file or the game description on this page if anyone else has the same problem.