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XD That was neat!

I think the ghost-chasing part should be muuuch more shorter. Running in circles for minutes is not fun! Maybe each ghost will be able to take just one “hit”, and create a visual effect or something to be more intuitive.


Thank you for the feedback.
Calibrating a challenge correctly can be difficult. It certainly will not be a fit for all user.
In hindsight maybe I should have had a skip option for this one, since this is a point where some players might stop and miss out on the rest of the game.

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There is little challenge in walking in circles. It was more a puzzle (remember about the medallion, understand what is needed to defeat ghosts) than a challenge, as ghosts are easy to dodge as they tend to walk into each other and form a small blob of death.

And as it still has a puzzle element, I would not add a skip button. But yes, something must be done with this part of the game as I do see how it can disengage people. Maybe you can make ghosts more interesting instead.