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Space Rangers are called in when regular star Fleet is not Enough.

On  space station Alfa Qwart 215 in the Quonoin territory a robot has gone out of control. Has the Robotic Laws been broken? Will there be a great uprising among the robots.

Agent Kat is sent in to get the situation under back under control.

Not everyone are happy with having a Space Ranger on the space station.


SpaceRangersEp8.zip 154 MB
setup_SR8.exe 132 MB
vp6_vfw_codec.exe 1 MB

Install instructions

The game is available in two formats.

The zip version you can unzip in the folder of your choice.

The installer version comes with a installer wizard that guides you through the installation.

The game needs a VP6 codec to run. If you do not have one already on your system you need to install one. An installer for the VP6 codec is, in the zip version included in  a VP6 sub-folder.  A separate VP6 installer is upload that, if needed, can be used as a complement to the installer version of the game.

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